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We provide full service demolition and construction. Our commercial crews provide complete or partial demolition depending on the project requirements. We bring superior expertise to the commercial demolition process that can vary in size and type from hotels and office buildings to strip malls and warehouses. Our Houston Demolition team is here for you!


Before construction on a new building can begin it may be necessary to tear down an existing structure. No need to hire two different companies for the job, 3rd Coast Steel can do it all for you! We will tear it down, build it new, and build it better. 


Our Demolition Tools

There are a number of different tools that go into Houston Demolitions. While the most well-known form of demo is the use of explosive charges to cause a building to fall in on itself, this is actually a reasonably rare occurrence and is only necessary in a very specific set of circumstances. For the most part, we will use heavy tools to get the job done instead. What this usually means are tools that are both physically heavy and often used in construction for other purposes

Our crew is trained to handle every commercial demolition job with care and attention to detail. Safety is our first priority when it comes to the demolition work that we do. Whether you need total facility demolition, select area demolition, or any kind of demolition before construction, we can get the job done. 

After the demolition is complete, it's time to construct the new building. What better option than a 3rd Coast Steel Building? Contact us today to plan your next demolition & construction project. 


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