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Metal Office Building

Metal Office Building

metal building office texas

Metal Building Office Texas

Building an office is a costly affair and one that normally demands heavy investments in terms of construction and real estate costs. But the question is: are conventional construction methods enough to stand up to the future of your venture? Not really. A commercial metal office building is a significantly better and safer investment into the long-term success of a business, no matter how big or small it is.

3rd Coast Steel Buildings specializes in outdoor steel buildingssteel building architecture, and design, offering fully-customized commercial steel office buildings throughout Texas. So whether you’re in Houston, Dallas, Corpus, Laredo, Austin or San Antonio, we can meet your commercial construction needs, ranging from storage units to retailers and anything in between.

We can deliver metal building system to your construction site according to your convenience and schedule. Contact us to request a bid or proposal for your commercial project and get a free quote today!

However, before taking that step you may want to know more about how metal/steel buildings can be the right choice for your commercial needs and what its advantages are over conventional building methods.

Why Choose Our Metal Buildings for Office?

The market for commercial steel buildings has been growing rapidly for years—and, for good reason! Prefab steel buildings come with benefits that are nearly endless, making them a great choice for commercial construction.

Economical – No matter what type of office you’re looking to build—be it a mini storage unit, small standalone office, single unit office or multi-story office complex, pre-engineered steel building is the most economical option available and offers a huge return on investment over the years. Our competitive pricing can make your office construction even more affordable. Plus, pre-engineered design and energy-efficiency of our steel buildings mean you save big. Call us to get an estimate on the pricing for your custom project requirements.Metal Office Buildings

Strength – With its reputation as the strongest construction material, steel provides excellent strength and durability to any type of construction. Our prefab steel buildings are engineered and designed to last for the long run.

Flexibility – Another important feature of steel office building is its flexibility.  The fact that steel can bend without cracking, makes it perfectly resilient to natural or manmade threats. For a state like Texas where windstorms and natural disasters are regular occurrences, our prefab steel buildings, in most cases, can lend your office or commercial set up huge benefits over normal, wooden building, which can rarely withstand such threats.

Besides, our large metal buildings come with the following advantages:

  • Shorter Construction Time
  • Greater Ease of Expansion
  • Lower Construction Costs
  • Easier Maintenance


What Makes Us the Leading Metal Office Building Contractors in Texas?

The biggest reason for our growth as one of Texas’ leading metal building contractors lies in our unwavering commitment towards providing nothing but top-quality pre-engineered steel building and ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Metal Office SuitesOur process typically begins with a preliminary budget analysis, design development, and value engineering for accurate and detailed bid presentation. We believe in maintaining a transparency policy, which helps us build high-level of trust with our clients, gradually turning into a solid, long-term relationship.

Our steel office building designs have been tested under the most extreme conditions and we have never received any client report or feedback of serious structural damage from fire, windstorm, flood, or earthquakes.

Setting up an office or re-building it is a big investment and we understand the significance of this investment to you. This is why we are fully committed to providing you with long-lasting, strong, and functional steel office structures that are aesthetically pleasing as well.

Get in touch with us to request a bid or to know more about our commercial metal office building services.