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Metal Building Sports Facility

sports faciltyMetal Building Sports Facility Built by 3rd Coast


Whether you want to build an indoor sports facility or a gymnasium or a tennis court, metal sports facility buildings constructed by 3rd Coast Steel Buildings will help you succeed with your project. With large interiors and maximum curb appeal, we construct the strongest and the most appealing recreational steel structures that allow athletes to train, compete, and play in all seasons.

Already have a structure? Want to renovate it to create a completely new sports facility?  3rd Coast Steel Buildings can help you with renovating an existing structure as well.

Why Choose Us to Build Your Metal Building Sports Facility?

Large steel buildings built by 3rd Coast Steel Buildings are ideal for indoor sports such as table tennis, swimming, volleyball and other indoor sports. Steel sports buildings constructed by us are highly adaptable, dependable, and can be modified according to the changing needs of your facility.

Indoor sports facilities require huge open areas to accommodate all kinds of sports activities. The major advantage of choosing steel buildings is that you can build huge open areas without the need of support columns.

Economy is one of the major concerns when planning to build sports facilities. There are numerous steel building construction companies, but not everyone can guarantee to erect the strongest and the most adaptable building within your budget.

With help of our expert architects and engineers, we ensure to build an aesthetically appealing steel building architecture for your sports facility and that is also within your budget. The prefab steel building from 3rd Coast Steel Buildings can be installed and assembled easy helping you to save both time and money during construction. Let us know your metal building sports facility needs and we’ll come up with the best-suited solution for you.

Metal Building Sports Facility – The Perfect Balance Between Great Features and Low Cost

Whether you are building a sports facility privately or it is a government-funded project, we can handle everything. 3rd Coast Steel Buildings has successfully completed numerous steel building construction projects and have won acclaims from the clients.

By allowing us to create your steel sports facility building, you get the following benefits:

  • Building constructed in the shortest time frame
  • Built with the panels and trim colors of your choice
  • Built to any/all height specification. We can build huge and column-free areas.
  • Low maintenance and highly adaptable
  • Non-combustible, so no danger from fire
  • Long-lasting and weatherproof

We use the highest quality materials, no matter how big or small your project is, so that both the sportspersons and spectators enjoy the game in a safe and secured area.  Large steel buildings are energy efficient so you can also save a lot of money on the heating and cooling costs.

basketball court

Building a Metal Building Sports Facility in Texas? We can Help!

People in Texas are taking sports quite seriously and they encourage all kinds of sports. So building advanced and high precision, sports facilities in Texas is essential to help the people nurture their hobbies and interests. We, at 3rdCoast Steel Buildings, have dedicated our lives to cater to the needs of people and this is why we create the most exclusive steel building architecture.  No matter what you are willing to build – a gymnasium, school/ college sports facility or a tennis court, let us build the most functional and appealing steel sports facility building.

We provide customized solutions for all types of metal sports facilities. Ask for a free quote and get started. Call us today to know more!